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Amadeus Consulting Discusses Flurry Analytics and Mobile App Development

Mobile applications seem to be multiplying at an exorbitant rate. As a custom mobile application solution provider we are often asked by clients, “how do I make my application stand out?” We have talked about the importance of marketing your app but there is one key tool that you can embed within your app that will give you valuable insight into your app’s performance.

I am sure you have heard of Google™ Analytics but have you heard of Flurry™ Analytics? Flurry Analytics provides data to app owners regarding who is using their mobile application and how that application is performing on different handsets...

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Promoting utilising Ecommerce

Todays web is opening up an excellent several opportunities for new and old firms to not just exist by to grow and enlarge their businesses around the world. It opens up a global marketplace in which folks from all over the world can acquire and sell goods and services from the comforts of their own homes. Brick and Mortar stores are taking benefit of these new chances by opening up there stores on the web and turn out to be e-retailers. The stats on this are incredible, showing that every and every single day new stores are opening up on-line from all distinct countries. Undoubtedly by watching the stats the question comes to the surface is, why are you not opening an on the web store too?


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