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Mobile App Stores – The Cost of “Discovery”

So we’ve been watching the iPhone App store closely of course – 10,000 apps 300 million downloads and counting. We’ve been wondering what the evolution would be, and in a sense it is turning into a subset of the mobile apps space as a whole. Discovery costs.

We’ve always talked about 3 main issues with mobile applications, Porting, Discovery and Distribution. What is it like in Apple’s world?

Well – that is easy enough since there is only one iPhone spec to develop against.

Apple certainly took care of distribution – getting an app on your iPhone is about as easy as it gets – iTunes.

Ah – now the interesting part...

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Ecommerce Basics One Zero One

What’s ecommerce? Ecommerce is merely any business that’s selling goods and/or services online. When you’re thinking that of online stores you most likely suppose of eBay, Amazon, and probably Overstock. These stores are just a number of the larger on-line businesses that are out there. There are plenty of tiny business house owners that have made a success of selling their products online as well.
After you sell on line there are completely different sorts of software that you will need. Your website can need software that’s not found on regular business sites that are simply advertising their business. Ecommerce sites should have searching cart software, the ability to simply accept credit cards, and a catalog of your products...

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The prospect of ecommerce in China

Creative idea is seldom understood or accepted at that time. Afterwards more and more people have realized the rationality of it and find it’s a great pity to lose that chances that they could seize in the past. The ecommerce in China encountered the same thing. The venture tour of Ma Yun to US Silicon Valley well proves the point. Venture investors were not optimistic about China’s e-commerce, for very few people in China knew much about internet.

Time changes! Nowadays there are 420 million netizens across China. And the number is still increasing with a high speed. The international financial crisis in 2008 has greatly impact on traditional enterprises...

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