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Web design Accessibility

It would be nice if companies would make their web presence as accessible as possible to those with handicaps just because modern technology makes it possible or because they feel it’s the right thing to do but that just isn’t the world we find ourselves in. The carrot and the stick guide most of our decisions.

So what does the law say? Well, in most of the English speaking world as well as the EU a company or organization providing information, a service or selling something must make “a reasonable effort” to make their sites accessible. But this reasonable effort is the stickler. It’s something which defies easy or absolute definition. One could interpret it to mean that just about any nod toward website accessibility could suffice, but that attitude could prove dangerous...

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Mobile Apps Are Leaking Data on You

Tracking users is all the rage. A battle is being waged over our data, and there are several parties involved in this fight. We voluntarily offer our data to various companies, only to discover that they are using it in ways that we never anticipated.

Smartphones have become almost an extension of ourselves. They are as integral to our lives as clothing. I have mine clipped to my suit when I’m working, jeans when I’m shopping, and pajamas when I’m lounging. And then, of course, it’s on the nightstand when I’m sleeping. It’s even right outside the shower.

And then there are the applications. Most people spend more time navigating their apps than actually making or receiving calls.

The Wall Street Journal found that many app developers haven’t been upfront with their intentions:...

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