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Ecommerce Over Brick and Mortar

If you’ve got that business mind and have been longing to own your own store, then maybe you should read on. The worst part of owing a business would be setting up your store, doing the interior, the massive paperwork and wondering if the location obtained is strategic enough to attract enough customers to achieve your monthly target. Well, with our advance technology, you can kick the idea of a brick and mortar store and move your blooming ideas online.        

With Ecommerce, you can build an online store that comes with many advantages. First, since you won’t have a physical store, you get to save a ton of money that you’d have spent on overhead cost for insurances, rental fees, bills, cleanliness and such...

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Why Do I Need A Mobile App?

More than 2bn apps have been downloaded via the Apple App Store since its launch in July 2008 and the rate of downloads continues to grow. This article looks at why it’s essential you integrate a mobile app into your overall marketing mix. Now, you can download apps for windows mobile phones.

It’s been almost two years since the iPhone was launched and to say that it’s completely revolutionalised mobile marketing is an understatement.

Whilst many companies were initially put off by the high cost of developing a mobile application in the market’s infancy, today, developing a simple and effective iPhone app can start from as little as GBP 2000. It’s not hard to see why brands have been pumping out mobile apps on an industrial scale.

Furthermore, a recent Wireless Expertise study estimated t...

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