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Types of Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are downloadable products that are receiving great popularity in the mobile computing industry and are now prevalent on most smart phones.  Perhaps the wider usage of these products attests to the many functions and features it provides such as applications for communications, games, multimedia, productivity, travel and utilities. In a more technical description, mobile applications are categorized by the operational environment in which they are executed. These include:

1. Native platforms (i.e. Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Linux)
2. Mobile Web (i.e. Webkit, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini and RIM)
3. Other platforms and virtual machines (i.e. Silverlight, Flash Lite, Java/J2ME)

This article will focus on the first 2 types of mobile applications (apps).

Native Platform: n...

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Web designing & Web designers

For an online entrepreneur, website design plays an important part in his revenue. If the website is presentable, interesting people would love to visit and be customers of those sites. If the presentation is not well knitted then hardly it will gain importance among people and consumers won’t be able to trust the brand whole heartedly. It is not at all a work for an art related person to design a web page. Website design requires web designers to make it more artistic and efficient, the way one wants a particular website to be.

When an online business is set up, a website is the one which gets the primary investment. It can be started with free web hosting stuffs but later one will find that consumers and viewers love own business sites selling different goods and services...

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